Welcome to Itsy Bitsy Rainbow!

You might have stopped here, because we have something in common: constantly looking for inspirations and new ideas for how to be creative at home with your kiddos. Am I right?

Since I was a kid, my great passion was to create. My grandfather was a handyman. He built a house, while I was playing around with tiny wooden leftover pieces. He introduced me to the basic tools and let me play with nails, hammer, etc., so step by step I have started to make my own little toys like a doll house from scratch equipped with little furniture. The process itself made me super excited and day by day pushed me to know more and more! 

My grandmother had a tailor background, so I could get familiar with another wonderful profession: how to make cloths! My passion for sewing convinced my parents that it is not just a fleeting moment and they allowed me to use the family sewing machine at a very young age. I got so far, that I could make costumes and school uniforms for myself. Although it was a time consuming hobby, I felt kind of a little dream has come true. It made me satisfied and happy.

Although I had a strong love for doing arts & crafts, it has been transformed over the years. I crafted customized wooden lamps for a while, later on I fell in love making personalized jewelries of all kinds for about 8 years. 

I had a profession which allowed me to travel a lot to different countries in Europe for more than a decade. All the countries I have visited, and the different positions I worked in had inspired me through the years and transformed my personal style.

When I quit my job I moved to India with my husband for a few months. This was a major milestone in my life. All my creative power was dedicated to the strong call of yoga for a while. I studied Ayurveda (a sister science of yoga) and finally became a yoga instructor in the Sivananda yoga tradition.

Now it seems, we all settled down on the West Coast of the USA, in Seattle. As a mom of a young boy, I got enough inspiration to launch this site, so I can inspire others. If this little collection of projects could boost your creativity, my mission was fulfilled!

All you will see in this Itsy Bitsy Rainbow website is my work, including all pictures and creations (unless noted otherwise, in which case the sources will be provided). It will make me happy if you like it, and greatly appreciate if you share it with others, linking to my source.

Enjoy your precious time being in the flow with us, and I would appreciate any comments at the end of the posts about how your project turned out!

With love Kata                                                                         

                                                                                                                      Photo: Agnes Revesz Czovek