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Boredom? Challenge! - No tools Play-dough fun!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Lets make an advanced fun to awaken our inner treasures of creativity! Could you just use your imagination to #playdough without any tools? How far can you get?

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First of all, let's stop for a second at the "boredom" - have you ever wondered about, how precious is our boredom actually? If you google a bit around that topic, you will find interesting articles, which let you behind the scenes.

After many years of #meditations and #yoga practice, I admit, that boredom is a powerful tool for improving the #creativity. And so, it is very beneficial for letting the child get bored, and it will not harm the parent neither if he gets bored a bit too ...!

#Walldorf schools (the art of the boredom) actually want their students to get bored, because they deeply believe, that it opens the gates for the students to discover more (inside and outside).

So, starting from here, let's take a piece of play-dough and find out some fun without tools! Is that boring? Let's find out!

Let's do play-dough with no tools!

#Tellastory ...

My son liked recently the book of the the "Very Hungry Caterpillar", so we started here.

1. #Caterpillar

We created some easy shapes - like balls, and organized them in a wavy shape. Put a bigger ball on one end and decorated as a face. Done! :)

If you have multiple colors of play-dough, you can make each ball from a different color.

You can practice the sequence of alternating colors, where you place a few balls next to each other (e.g. blue-green-blue-green) and the child can guess the next color.

2. You could continue creating a #cocoon and a #butterfly too.

3. #Snail

It is a really challenging shape, because the coordinated rolling movement with two hands is not easy for the little ones.

If you feel challenged enough, you could make more rolls, bind them together and build a little basket.

4. #Basket

5. #Flowers

And so on...

Where did your boredom lead you?

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