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Get familiar with Play-dough invitation kit

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Choose a topic, and collect as many tools as possible to make a rich plate for an advanced play. Here are some tips

I just realized, how big topic is the #playdough activities! This is the 3rd post I am spending on play-dough fun - and maybe not the last! :)

In my previous posts I talked a lot about the best play-dough recipe and how to modify it for more benefits. Summarized the play-dough basics & benefits of play, and will do a post about how to spend time with no tools required play-dough fun at no cost. But there are so much more!

Play-dough invitations or play-dough kits are like the #sensory bins. If you pick a topic, you can brainstorm, and start collecting as many related tools as possible and create a brilliant invitation's plate which will not just entertain your kid, but educate him and develop a lot of precious skills while playing.

Here are some ideas what else could be your tools:

  • Nature

  • leaves, twigs, pine cones, #nuts (acorn, chestnut, beech tree nut, etc), #seeds, interesting shaped creations, etc.

  • Beach

  • #stones, #pebbles, different sizes of #shells, etc (Important side note: Some Natural Parks's policies does not allow collecting stones, shells, etc. so please be mindful when collecting such a treasures, not harming the wildlife.)

  • #Spices

  • whole clove, whole pepper (four color blend), #cinnamon sticks, star anise, etc.

And so on...

You can create play-dough invitations around the topics like:

For more ideas check out my collection on Play-dough fun

I am very curious, which kit become is your kiddos favorite?

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