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Valentine's garland - simple paper creation

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

This is just one variation of the tons of ideas of garlands you could make at home to killing the time on a day, you decide to stay home with your kiddos. Super easy #papercraft

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I thought I will share this #easy to make #HeartGarland because of the coming #Valentinesday. Here is the way I am doing it :)

Tools for the project to make

Process in pictures

#Tips & suggestions

  • when you stick the layers together, the larger surface you glue, the wider your heart shape will be.

  • you could make this garland from any kind of paper, but if you want to have a really fancy looking one, I suggest to use the 2 sided cardstock rather

  • using simple good quality white drawing paper works just fine too!

  • adding more fun to the heart shape, you can use these paper edge scissors

  • you will get a nicer and firmer heart shape, if the hanger part is attached to the bottom part - it needs to be stapled at the very beginning. See the process below:

Make a couple of these hearts - you could mix the colors too, or just make only red-pink ones - and lace them on a cord after each other.

Let me know how your heart garland turned out!

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