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Wear your favorite images! - create your own unique T-shirt with iron on patch

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Customize your clothes with your favorite images using an iron on patches! How to turn a simple T-shirt into your favorite one within minutes! Let's make a Fire truck one today, super easy process!

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I am sharing this idea, because it is super easy, done in less than 10 minutes, but still gives you the pleasant feeling that you have created something unique!

I remember, this was the project, which brought my "crafting" passion back. For me, being a #stayathomemom - and a first time parent - was not a pleasant journey. Having a newborn at home without support around, definitely diminished all my crafting mood for a while. So I considered this lovely project as a little "rescue" to feel I am back, and crafting again! :)

I bought this #irononpatch when my son was 18 months old. He just started discovering his surroundings, like the traffic and the people on the streets.

He was not really attached to any shapes or trucks at all, so I was not sure what image to chose! Fast forward 1 year later, this #FiretruckTshirt become his favorite, and want to wear it all the time! I found this patch in a nearby hobby store (I like to get inspired at stores, rather than shopping online). One day, I saw a selection of cute no-sewing/iron on patches. It looked so easy to make! - I got so excited and immediately grab a #Tshirt size of my son, and chose a #Firetruck patch and could hardly want to get home and get started.

How to make a T-shirt with an iron on patch

Preparation time: less than 10 minutes

All you need:

  • T-shirt (or any cloth you want to customize)

  • Iron on patch of your choice (see buying options below)

  • Iron

  • Fabric markers (optional)

Process: Simply follow the instruction of the iron on patch included

#Tips and suggestions

  • Pros and cons:

  1. Pro - The preparation time of the iron on patch definitely beats that on the the sew-on patch.

  2. Con - the iron on patch is not the perfect solution. The edges & corners of the iron on patch will get loose due to wear and tear. So if you want to make it more lasting, you can make a few stitches around.

  3. Pro - this T-shirt was washed tons of times and it is still in a great shape!

  4. Con - Not all fabrics tolerate the iron on patch... better to check the fabric before using the iron on it! Especially be careful with fleece or polyester clothes like, this cute baby SleepSack, I would rather use a #sewonpatch to customize!

All in all: If you asked me, I would not hesitate to make another T-shirt for my son with an iron on patch in the future.

  • Fabric markers:

If you want to add some more decoration to your fabric, you can draw other images with #FabricMarkers. There are many brands on the market. Be aware, that not all fabric markers work on all colors of fabrics! Some work well on only white or brighter fabrics, and some do their work well for darker fabrics too. So read the label carefully before purchasing.

Let me know, how your work turned out!

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